Adriana Jimenez: Bio, Boxing Reporter, Age

Adriana Jimenez, a prominent sports journalist and producer, was born in California, USA on October 19, 1986. She is of Latino descent and identifies as an American citizen. As a Christian, she regularly attends church. Currently, she is 36 years old and her zodiac sign is Libra.

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Physical Stats of Adriana Jimenez

Although Adriana Jimenez is not a model by profession, she possesses striking physical features that make her incredibly attractive. Standing at 5’6″, she maintains a healthy weight of around 57 kg despite her love for food. With her dark brown eyes and hair, she has a stunning appearance.

Her body measurements are 38-28-38 inches, and while she is not a big fan of tattoos, she has gotten some ink in the past. Adriana loves to wear bikinis and frequently shares pictures of herself wearing them on Instagram. As a result, she has gained global recognition on social media, with many admiring her beautiful Latina figure.

Adriana typically covers events in the US and Mexico and is now a mother of two children.

Adriana Jimenez: Parents, Siblings, Education

Adriana Jimenez is a California native, having been born and raised there. Her family has Mexican roots and migrated to the US before she was born. Adriana’s father, Jorge Jimenez, worked in the hotel industry, while her mother, Lisa Jimenez, was a homemaker. Being an only child, Adriana had an easier time getting her needs met.

Adriana attended Encinal High School for her primary education, where she excelled in science. However, she decided to pursue a different field and earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Chapman University.

Adriana Jimenez: Marriage, Children

Adriana Jimenez tied the knot with her beloved, Jason, in 2012 in an intimate ceremony attended only by their close friends and family. The couple has been blessed with a son and a daughter and currently reside in a beautiful home in Los Angeles. The family shares a passion for the NBA team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Adriana Jimenez: Professional Career

Adriana Jimenez has had a significant impact in the field of sports journalism, particularly in boxing. Her fluency in English and Spanish has helped her secure a prominent role as a sports producer and reporter for Fox Deportes, where she primarily covers boxing events. In addition, she has also launched two successful YouTube channels, Fino Boxing and ABN Sports Media, which have garnered a large subscriber base.

As a boxing reporter, Adriana is well-known in the industry and has close ties to former boxer and current promoter, Oscar De La Hoya. Fino Boxing, her boxing-focused YouTube channel, has gained popularity for its coverage of Mexican boxers. ABN Sports Media, her newer channel, focuses on professional boxing events and has featured coverage of high-profile matches involving Mexican-American boxing superstar, Canelo Alvarez.

Due to her close relationship with Oscar De La Hoya, Adriana is often invited to cover Golden Boy Promotions events and has even served as an official interviewer for the company. Her Fino Boxing YouTube and Instagram portals have been successful, and have become an additional source of income for her.

Social Media

Adriana Jimenez has established herself as the queen of boxing on social media, boasting a YouTube channel with over 101k subscribers. She has a significant following on her personal Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, where she often shares glamorous photos of herself, which attracts many followers. Her social media presence has become a valuable tool for self-promotion, helping her increase her earnings. As a result, her way of living has improved significantly over time. Her stunning looks have also drawn many fans to follow her, as she has the appearance of a model.

Net Worth

Adriana Jimenez has a net worth of $1.1 million (USD), which indicates that she is quite wealthy. Her husband is also a high earner. Like many modern women, she enjoys indulging in luxury items such as belts, dresses, and bags. They live in a villa which is a clear indication of their financial status. Adriana works as a producer for Fox Sports South America, which provides her with a steady source of income. Her additional sources of income, such as her OnlyFans and YouTube channels, have helped her earn even more money and take things to a whole new level of success.

Love for Boxing

Adriana Jimenez’s passion for professional boxing is unparalleled. She has conducted interviews with almost all of the current top boxing stars, and has developed a strong following of her own. It is clear that she is living out her lifelong dream.

A beauty

Adriana Jimenez used to interact with her fans on Instagram a lot from 2019 to 2021. She showed her genuine personality and kind nature by responding to their comments. However, some male fans would comment on her physical appearance instead of appreciating her talent and character. Although she didn’t mind it at first, she now responds less frequently to these types of comments to maintain a respectful relationship with her audience.

Nevertheless, Adriana has a large following of fans who admire her for who she is. She enjoys spending quality time with her family and sharing her experiences on social media, including wearing bikinis while on vacation. Her Latina background, coupled with her extensive knowledge of sports, has earned her a lot of respect within the industry. Occasionally, she serves as an anchor for Golden Boy Promotions, further cementing her status as a prominent figure in the boxing community. Her fans are incredibly loyal and devoted to her.

Adriana Jimenez: Only Fans

In 2022, Adriana Jimenez created an account on the platform OnlyFans, inspired by the success of another boxing reporter, Michelle Joy Phelps. While Adriana does not share explicit content, she does post sexy photos and charge her followers a monthly fee of USD 24.99, with some paying more for exclusive content and the opportunity to chat with her. Adriana’s decision to monetize her body on OnlyFans has received mixed reactions. However, her husband does not object to it and even takes some of the photos. Prior to joining OnlyFans, Adriana used to reply to seductive comments on her Instagram posts, but now she reserves those interactions for OnlyFans, where she promises to respond to messages and send surprises to her subscribers.

Adriana Jimenez: Hobbies and Facts

Adriana Jimenez enjoys spending quality time with her family, covering sports events, and swimming. She launched her YouTube career with Fino Boxing and later started her own channel, ANB Sports Media, in 2022. She primarily covers boxing events featuring fighters from Mexico and South America. Adriana is a married woman and a mother to a baby boy and girl. During the weekends, she enjoys sipping cocktails and wine. She has traveled to Paris, London, and Mexico for family vacations. Adriana is also active on the adult platform OnlyFans, where she created an account in 2022. Her favorite colors are pink, blue, and red. She is renowned on social media for sharing her bikini pictures. She has interviewed famous boxers such as Mike Tyson, Canelo Alvarez, Eddie Hearn, and Tyson Fury. She loves American and Mexican cuisines and follows LA Leakers in the NBA.


Who is Adriana Jimenez?

Adriana Jimenez is a Mexican sports journalist and presenter. She is well-known for covering boxing events and interviewing some of the biggest names in the sport.

What is Adriana Jimenez’s background?

Adriana Jimenez was born in Mexico and grew up there. She studied communication at university before starting her career in sports journalism.

What kind of content does Adriana Jimenez create?

Adriana Jimenez creates content around boxing events, including interviews with boxers, coverage of fights, and behind-the-scenes looks at the sport. She also shares personal content, such as her travel experiences and family life, on social media.

Where can I find Adriana Jimenez’s content?

Adriana Jimenez’s content can be found on her YouTube channel, social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, and on boxing websites and publications.

What is OnlyFans and why did Adriana Jimenez start an account?

OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform where content creators can share exclusive content with paying subscribers. Adriana Jimenez started an OnlyFans account in 2022 to share more risqué content with her fans and earn additional income.

What other interests does Adriana Jimenez have?

In addition to boxing and sports journalism, Adriana Jimenez enjoys spending time with her family, swimming, and trying new foods. She is also a fan of NBA team the LA Leakers.

What has Adriana Jimenez achieved in her career?

Adriana Jimenez has conducted interviews with some of the biggest names in boxing, including Mike Tyson, Canelo Alvarez, and Tyson Fury. She has also built a strong following on social media and become a prominent figure in the world of sports journalism.

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