Kaia Faith Calaway: Daughter Of WWE The Undertaker

The Undertaker, a well-known personality in the entertainment industry for many years, is also a father to his daughter Kaia Faith Calaway. Although not many people are aware of this fact, in this article, we will explore Kaia’s life and how she has influenced her famous father’s reputation.

Kaia Faith Calaway: Intro

Kaia, born on August 7, 2012 in Texas, is the youngest child of Undertaker and has a significant age gap with her older siblings. As a result, she is the most indulged child in the family and receives a lot of attention and care from her siblings. Being the daughter of a legendary WWE wrestler and one of the most recognizable faces in the world, Kaia is an important part of Undertaker’s life. Her mother, Michelle McCool, is also a former WWE wrestler. Kaia has two older brothers – Chase, who is a model and actor, and Gunner, who is currently pursuing higher education.

Kaia Faith Calaway Wiki

At the age of only 12, Kaia is still growing taller and gaining weight, but she has a passion for fitness and hopes to maintain a healthy lifestyle like her father, who remained fit and active into his late 50s. She has striking hazel eyes and blonde hair, and she is too young to engage in smoking or drinking. Despite her young age, Kaia has already made several appearances on WWE programming, most notably accompanying her father to the ring at WrestleMania 32. She is also a talented singer and songwriter, having released her first single, “Rise Up,” in 2018.

Kaia’s Education

Kaia was born in Austin, Texas on August 7, 2012. She is the sole offspring of WWE icon The Undertaker and his wife, Michelle McCool. The two met while working for WWE. Presently, Kaia is prioritizing her education and engaging in sports such as gymnastics and jiu-jitsu. It will be fascinating to witness her journey and what her future holds!

Childhood & Age: Kaia’s

At the age of 12, Kaia often accompanies her father to his WWE matches, and it brings her joy to witness his fame and success. Growing up, she has had the privilege of witnessing her father’s remarkable performances in the wrestling world, primarily in the US. Her childhood has been filled with happiness, and she admires her father’s success in the physical realm. From the beginning, Kaia has been fortunate to have everything she desires, from a luxurious life to amazing toys, and it’s all thanks to the hard work and dedication of her father. His work has had a significant impact on their family, giving Kaia a better life.

Kaia Faith Calaway Relationship between Parents

Currently, the relationship between Kaia’s parents appears to be a strong and healthy one. Undertaker, who has been married three times, is currently married to Kaia’s mother, Michelle McCool. His first marriage was with Jodi Lynn Calaway in 1989, but they divorced 10 years later in 1999. Undertaker then married Sara Calaway in 2000, but they separated after seven years in 2007. In 2010, Michelle McCool became Undertaker’s third and current wife, and their relationship has made them one of the most well-known WWE power couples. The positive relationship between Undertaker, Michelle, and Kaia has helped create a great home atmosphere.

Kaia Faith Calaway – Siblings

Kaia is a part of a large and joyful family. Her father, The Undertaker, is a well-known personality in the world of wrestling, while her mother, Michelle McCool, is also a professional wrestler. Kaia’s grandparents are Catherine Calaway, Frank Calaway, Terry McCool, and Mary McCool. On her father’s side, she has four uncles – Timothy, David, Paul, and Michael Calaway. Kaia is lucky to have three siblings: Gunner Vincent Calaway, Chasey Calaway, and Gracie Calaway. However, due to her father’s multiple marriages, there are various family relationships that Kaia carries.

Career and Professional Life: Kaia’s

Kaia’s elegance and creative abilities serve as an excellent example to follow. It is common for children of affluent families to go astray and harm themselves, and others in the process. It is essential to nurture and guide children to grow into responsible and productive adults. Kaia’s father, The Undertaker, has done an excellent job teaching life lessons to all of his children, including Kaia. Her creative talent and poise are impressive, and many parents can learn from The Undertaker’s approach to raising his children.

Kaia’s Relationship with Her Father, The Undertaker

Kaia, who is currently 12 years old, was born on August 7, 2012. There isn’t much information available about her relationship with her father, as they have kept it relatively private. However, it is evident that the two share a close bond. In 2016, a fan video surfaced showing The Undertaker attending one of Kaia’s soccer games, where he could be seen enthusiastically cheering her on from the sidelines. After the game, he hugged and kissed her, showing his immense love and support. It is apparent that The Undertaker is a devoted father who is always there for his daughter, and we hope to see more of their relationship in the future.

Impact of The Undertaker on Kaia’s Life

Ever since Undertaker’s retirement from WWE in 2020, his daughter Kaia has been in the limelight as she embarks on her own journey. Being raised by a legendary wrestler like The Undertaker, Kaia has witnessed firsthand the hard work and dedication it takes to be successful in the world of professional wrestling. The impact of her father’s career on her life is immeasurable.

However, The Undertaker’s influence on Kaia goes beyond the wrestling industry. He has instilled in her the importance of determination, perseverance, and hard work – values that will help her succeed in any path she chooses. Currently signed to WWE’s developmental brand NXT UK, Kaia is already making a name for herself and is poised to have a bright future in the wrestling world.

Undoubtedly, The Undertaker has played a crucial role in shaping Kaia’s character, and the world eagerly awaits what this talented young woman has in store for her future.

Background of The Undertaker

The Undertaker, also known as Mark William Calaway, is a renowned name in the world of professional wrestling. He has been associated with WWE for more than 30 years and has earned several championship titles throughout his career. With his eerie and mystical persona, he has been famously called “The Deadman”.

Being a father is a role that The Undertaker cherishes deeply, and he is immensely proud of his daughter. In an interview with ESPN, he expressed his love for fatherhood and said that it is the best thing that has ever happened to him. He added that he wants to be there for his daughter in every possible way.

Although The Undertaker’s profession is wrestling, he hopes that his daughter does not follow in his footsteps. He wants her to find a different passion and pursue that, as he believes that the wrestling industry is not easy to navigate.

Kaia Faith Calaway Net Worth

Kaia has a net worth of 2 million USD, which was transferred to her by her father, The Undertaker, who has a net worth of 40 million USD. Her father’s long-standing association with WWE has made him a brand name and has ensured a comfortable life for Kaia and her family. She owns a Ferrari, which is one of the many cars her father has. The family owns two large houses in the US and also invests in properties to increase their sources of income. Kaia’s privileged upbringing is evident, and she even urges her father to help others, showing her generous and kind-hearted nature.

Social Media

Kaia’s father, The Undertaker, has a massive social media following with over 4.4 million followers on Instagram alone. While this is an impressive number, her father is considered a bit old school, and could potentially have more than 100 million followers on social media. However, the family does not spend a lot of time on social media, unlike other celebrities who regularly share their daily lives on various platforms. Therefore, one cannot keep up with Kaia’s daily activities, as it would be similar to following The Rock, who is very active on social media.

Kaia Faith Calaway Trivia

Kaia is the youngest daughter of the former professional wrestler, The Undertaker, and enjoys spending time with her friends and father. Going to the pizza shop is one of her favorite things to do. Pink is Kaia’s favorite color, and she has a particular fascination with Indian food, ordering takeout regularly. She loves Taylor Swift’s music, particularly her love songs, which suggests a romantic side to her personality. Kaia is fond of traveling and has visited several countries, including England, France, Mexico, and Canada. Despite her father’s wrestling background, Kaia is not interested in watching sports at the moment.


  1. Who is Kaia Faith Calaway?

Kaia Faith Calaway is the daughter of WWE legend, The Undertaker and former WWE wrestler Michelle McCool.

  1. When was Kaia Faith Calaway born?

Kaia Faith Calaway was born on August 7, 2012.

  1. What is Kaia Faith Calaway’s net worth?

Kaia Faith Calaway has a net worth of 2 million USD, which was transferred to her by her father.

  1. How old is Kaia Faith Calaway now?

As of 2022, Kaia Faith Calaway is 12 years old.

  1. Does Kaia Faith Calaway have any siblings?

Yes, Kaia Faith Calaway has two older brothers, Chase and Gunner.

  1. What is The Undertaker’s net worth?

The Undertaker’s net worth is estimated to be around 40 million USD.

  1. What is Kaia Faith Calaway’s relationship with her father, The Undertaker?

Kaia Faith Calaway is one of The Undertaker’s children and is considered the most pampered of the four. Her father has a close relationship with her and is involved in her upbringing.

  1. Does Kaia Faith Calaway have a social media presence?

Kaia Faith Calaway does not have an official social media account, but her father, The Undertaker, has a massive social media following on various platforms.

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