Sedecordle: A More Difficult and Superior Wordle Game

It’s no secret that Sedecordle, a spinoff of the wildly successful puzzle game Wordle, is quite the hit. The New York Times’ Wordle game went viral, creating similar games, including Duordle, Curdle, and Crossword.

Unlike other game variations, this one requires you to guess many words from a single set, upping the challenge and novelty. The complete information on Sedecordle is provided below.

What is Sedecordle?

Like Nerdle, Duordle, Tridle, Curdle, Octordle, and many more, Sedecordle is one of numerous online Wordle-like tools. If you care most about the sheer volume of available Wordles, then Sedecordle is your best bet.

You must decipher a 5-letter word in Wordle, but in Sedecordle, you must translate 16 such words. Every one of these words is encoded in the grid on your screen, and your guesses will be tallied for each one. So, your first guess will be used for every word, and the correct and incorrect letters will be shown.

You can use correct and wrong letter feedback like Wordle to guide your next guess. You have 21 chances to guess all 16 words, and any letters that are greyed out can’t be used again. As you go through the game, you will have fewer and fewer opportunities to use the letters at your disposal.

What’s the difference between Sedecordle and Wordle?

In the Sedecordlegame, you have 21 guesses to identify 16 5-letter words, while in the Word game, you have six guesses to identify a single 5-letter word.

It’s all about how many guesses you get and how many words you search for when it comes to wordle games. At the same time, Wordle requires you to guess a 5-letter word in just six tries.
There is also a free mode in Sedecordle where you can play as many puzzles as you want without spending any money.

Why is Sedecordle getting so popular?

The daily puzzle format of this game, created by Kenneth Crawford, is reminiscent of Wordle. Although, like the popular game, you can answer numerous daily puzzles in “free mode” on the 16-word puzzle, you can’t do that with the game.

But, in Sedecordle, the gameplay of the Free mode is the same as the Daily mode. Because daily only refreshes once daily, you will still share the same term as everyone else. The demo version could be used as a training ground for Sedecordle.The New York Times now owns Sedecordle, which draws thousands of users daily.

There is good cause for Sedecordle’s meteoric rise in popularity. Dopamine receptors in the brain are stimulated during gameplay. During continued play, the brain creates a feedback loop of the chemical, increasing a player’s interest in the game.

Also, people’s psyches are profoundly altered when they are consistently rewarded for accurately guessing common, everyday words. Initial success in a game is usually rather simple, and the player is regularly rewarded with small dopamine reactions. The high they get from even minor victories encourages them to keep at it.

Rules, tips, and how to play Sedecordle are explained.

As Wordle, a word-guessing game has gone viral, several imitations have appeared. Wordle may be fun for some, but it needs to be more challenging for others. Are you one of those players who wants a more challenging experience? After that, sedecordle is proposed as a superior choice.
There are several Wordle variants, but this one is among the most challenging because it requires you to answer several riddles simultaneously. The challenge will now be a string of 16 words rather than a single 5-letter word. Are you interested in learning more about Sedecordle and taking it on as a challenge?

The Rules of Sedecordle

Two alternatives, Daily Sedecordle and Free Sedecordle will initially be presented to you. A good option for beginners is Free Sedecordle because it allows you to play the game as often as you like while keeping the rules intact. If you’re already familiar with Sedecordle, you can choose the Daily Sedecordle to give yourself a new daily challenge.

  1. Input the five-letter word you think it is and hit Enter. As soon as this happens, the cells will switch colours.
  2. Make your next guess based on the colours.

• A green tile shows a letter that is in the answer and the right place. You should remember this letter’s location for your next guess.
• A yellow tile stands for a letter in the answer that is in the wrong place. If you’re having trouble finding the right letter, you should try moving it around on your next guess.
• A grey tile shows the letter that isn’t in the answer. To improve your guessing, you should minimise how often you use it.

  1. You have 21 chances to spell 16 words correctly.
  2. Invalid words will be highlighted in red.
  3. Keep doing steps 1–4 until you have located all the solutions.

Once you’ve used up all of your turns in Sedecordle, the game is over.

Advice and Notes for Sedecordle

You may quickly navigate between tables in Sedecordle by utilising the corresponding numbers in the grid’s upper left corner. To access Board 5, for instance, select the number 5 in the upper-left corner of the grid.

For each board solved, the corresponding topmost digit in the grid will light up in green.
Because most English words have at least one vowel, it’s best, to begin with, those that contain many vowels on the first guess. It’s much simpler to decipher the hidden word if you can quickly identify the vowel.

Following those three tries, you should check each table to see which contains the greenest tiles. Generally, it is best to solve the boards with the greenest tiles first.
Although it’s more difficult than similar games, this one always leaves players with a sense of triumph. Share your positive experience with Sedecordle with others.

The Best Words and Strategies for Sedecordle

Try these tips to get the best Sedecordle score possible:

• Create a first word using the most frequent letters in the English alphabet. Keep the alphabet distinct, too (avoid RR or EE, for example). Start with a term like “EARLY” or “TEARY” to set the tone.
• On the first two levels, it is recommended that you wait until you have three green squares before attempting to solve a word. This is so that as many letters as possible can be written on the board. A combination of terms like “EARLY” and “TOILS” might work.
• Be careful to scroll down and check all the boxes regularly to ensure you take advantage of all opportunities. A term with four green checkboxes at the bottom of the page may be the one you’re looking for. Doing this action may cost you some guesses.
• Stay focused on a single term. 15 more words have to be solved as well. With this frame of mind, you won’t have to waste time guessing.
• If you need to, write down your ideas on scrap paper. In addition, take one if you need a break from the action.


Sedecordle is the ultimate test for fans of the word game Wordle. It’s an advanced version of the game that adds more layers of complexity. You will be tested on your vocabulary prediction skills and multitasking abilities. As such, if you’re searching for a new and interesting challenge, look no further than this game. In this post, find out what it is and how to succeed at the game.


How do I play the Sedecordle?

Anyone interested in playing Sedecordle can do so on the platform’s official website. You can only press the enter key once you type a five-letter word into the input field. The game will show the player the total number of correct letters (in green), the total number of correct letters (in yellow), and the total number of incorrect letters (in red) (grey). You’ll need this feedback to uncover the 16 hidden words in the grid.

Is the Sedecordle a daily occurrence?

Indeed, the website features a daily Sedecordle game that you can play. The daily Sedecordle is made in a completely random fashion. Thus, there are never any repeats. You can also compare your score to the average.

To whom should I send my Sedecordle findings?

Your Sedecordle results can be shared by selecting the website’s share button4. You can copy the link or share the information on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. If you click the “see” button, you can check out how other players solved the same Sedecordle.

Is there anything that sets Sedecordle apart from other games in its genre?

Players of Sedecordle must guess 16 words at once, and they have 21 chances to get it right. It’s a hard game because it takes 13 trials to figure out a word.

Does anyone enjoy playing Sedecordle?

Anybody who enjoys working quickly and creatively will have a blast playing Sedecordle. The design and mechanics of the game make it both interesting and difficult to play. Thus, take it easy and think as much as possible during the game.

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